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The Branding of You!

Hey guys! So I just realised, my last blog post was in May – so much for a monthly post! Apologies for those of you that are actually interested in reading my shtuff! So back in June, a lovely lady Sharon who runs a…

August 21, 2017
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New Do!

I know I said my posts would be monthly but I’m on a bit of a roll and a few friends have asked not to make them wait so long so here’s one I wrote last night. Warning – A lot of selfies have…

January 10, 2017
General What's the Hops?!

What is… What’s the Hops?!

A blog of common sense and nonsense…like! Heyyyy everybody. What’s the Hops?! So…A lot of people seem to be asking my advice on all kinds of everything, some of whom have told me to set up a blog. At first I thought, meh, effort!…

January 6, 2017