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August 21, 2017

Hey guys!

So I just realised, my last blog post was in May – so much for a monthly post! Apologies for those of you that are actually interested in reading my shtuff!

So back in June, a lovely lady Sharon who runs a parenting and special needs blog known as ‘Our wheely big journey’ asked me on snapchat (her username is @sharonfitzmyers and mine is @judyhops) would I ever do snaps on tips and tricks for bloggers and branding etc.  This followed a couple of pieces that I wrote for The Cork Independent on branding back in June.

This was the main one – Try these brand strategies to grow your business

I replied honestly and said if people wanted me to I totally would. I hate being in front of the camera though! That’s the probelmo! Now the lovely Lindsey Victoria (also on snapchat), who owns Heavenly Therapy in Delgany and is running a great campaign called the #BeautyBossBox ‘Be the boss of your own skin’, keeps telling me I’m great on camera! Eeeek! My job is behind the camera, pushing my clients in front of it! Haha! I feel I’ve more of a face for radio if you get me but sure look you never know – some day!

Anyway, back to ‘Ourwheelybigjourney’, I told Sharon to send me on any questions and I would do my best to answer them.  So finally nearly 2 months later I am getting around to it! So here’s what she sent me

Sharon asked the best way to present themselves in terms of branding as a parenting/special needs awareness blog that wants to look more professional.  Well the above articles should help Sharon and anyone else looking at branding.

She also mentions a website and my feedback is – there’s no point in having a website if you don’t have it search engine optimised – i.e. having your meta tags and all the various back end optimisation done on the back end of the site, plus doing multiple other tricks such as backlinking to your website using the keywords you want to be found under.  By doing all of this and more, your site will be ticking boxes for google and other search engines, proving that your site is in fact the site that it says it is and does what it is supposed to do. So that every time someone searches for the keywords you want to be found under, your site will eventually come up in the top organic search listings.

To put it simply, it’s the same thing as designing and printing brochures, if you don’t hand them out and tell people what’s in them, then how will the find you.  Your website is your online brochure, but you need to tell people about it and what it does so that they can visit your site, and again tick more boxes for google!  Also, don’t forget to set up google analytics so you can track where your site traffic is coming from and leverage from that.

Another very important element of the website is that it is visually pleasing to the user, loads fast and is easy to navigate – no more than a couple of clicks to get to where they want to on the site.

So that’s a brief few tips on the website and branding. I know it’s short but hopefully it’s sweet and has a few little nuggets of information for anyone interested.

If you’ve any follow on questions on this just facebook, tweet, insta message or snapchat me (@judyhops) and I’ll get to it at some point! Don’t worry! Otherwise feel free to get me through the business – Hopkins Communications – Full Service Integrated Marketing Communications Agency – Ireland.

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