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January 4, 2017

So while I was finishing off the blogsite, I thought I’d better set up my social media platforms to go with.

Twitter, done.

Insta, work in progress (it’s being temperamental).

Facebook – easy peasy lemon squeezy, but ughhhhhh…. do I really have to put down ‘Blogger/public figure’ – REALLY?

Pompous Pic2


Pompous Pic1
Although I wouldn’t mind being an artist or in a band! Who knows – maybe someday!

But I suppose it has to be done. It does what it says on the tin I suppose – this is a blog after all!

Anywho, feel free to give a follow, like and add if you want to stay up to speed with me rabbiting on about random stuff!

Facebook & Twitter @WhatsTheHops

Instagram – watch this space- it’s being annoying!

Alternatively, if you know me, or like what I post about and want me to cover something in particular, feel free to send me an email on whatsthehops[at] or through the aforementioned social meeeeeja platforms!

Hoppy out!

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